Our Comprehensive Services

Plant + Lawn Care

Our expertise lies in comprehensive plant care. We're trained by a horticulturist mentor, who has over 25 years experience in this specific focus. We take proper pruning techniques very seriously, our hourly rate per person starts at $75/hour for this service.

We offer weekly mow, edge and blow services starting at $60/visit. If you prefer off-site disposal of grass we charge $15/month. Most of our clients allow us to utilize their green compost bin to avoid this cost.

Fertilization + Weed, Problem Grasses, Insect Control

Our yearly lawn program includes 5 applications throughout the year and starts at $205. This includes cost of product and applications.

We offer plant fertilizer applications as well! On site quote required for cost.

If you'd like weed, problem grasses, or insect control, it starts at $25 per visit.

Landscape Enhancements + Installs

We offer installation of;

✏️ Designed Plans

✨ Decorative Mulch or Rock

🌷 Plant Installation - Pots, Seasonal Color, Plant Beds

🌱 New Lawns - Sod or Seed

💧Power Washing - Driveways, Walkways, Patios, House Siding, Trash Bins

Spring Services

Spring Clean Up

Pruning of Plants (Trim, Shape, Rejuvenation)

Power Raking (de-thatching)

Core Aeration


Fall Services

Fall Clean Up

Leaf Raking and Removal

Cutting Back Perennials

Pruning of Plants (Trim, Shape, Rejuvenation)

Winter Services

Tree Trimming (up to 20ft) starting at $100 per man hour.

Snow Shoveling starting at $60 hour.

Pet Friendly Ice Melt starting at $25.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Insured and Licensed?

Absolutely we wouldn't conduct business any other way. Our registered contractor license number is RCE-46753. We can send a certificate of insurance upon request.

How does your battery operated equipment benefit me?

Our equipment provides a number of advantages to you and your neighbors;

🔇🤫Low Noise. You'll likely miss us before ever realizing we were there.

💲💰Predictable Overhead Costs. No surprise cost hikes due to gas prices.

🌷🌱 Smell Grass, Not Gas. Our equipment requires no chemicals to operate so you can enjoy your outdoor space without that residual smell or engine related chemical spills on your property.

How do you determine your pricing?

We take into consideration a number of factors. Size of your property, potential obstacles, existing landscape conditions, and how steep/uneven the terrain is in order to provide you with ideal service.

Do you offer irrigation/sprinkler services?

No, there's a reason irrigation/sprinkler company's exists. This is a very time consuming service, that we'd rather you rely on the experts for.

Why do you have me sign an agreement of service?

We want to protect your expectations of us by forming a concise understanding of our working relationship.

What's your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate per person ranges from $75-$100, depending on the type of service. Mowing visits start at $60.

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Current Service Areas: Boise, Garden City, Southeast Boise (anything east of Cole)