Transform Your Yard with Expert Care

We're committed to becoming your landscaper for life by delivering exceptional services for a healthy and vibrant landscape.

What Makes Us Different

We are the first company in Boise to cultivate comprehensive plant maintenance and lawn care emissions-free.

We started Yard+Sol to evolve the yard care industry in the Treasure Valley — offering you a personalized, more green approach to the typical mow, blow, and go service. Beyond caring for your lawn, we take the time to get to know each property’s unique needs.

Our care is comprehensive with the goal to become your landscaper for life.

Our Most Popular Services

Expert solutions for a thriving outdoor living space.

Lawn Maintenance

We offer regular lawn maintenance
services, including mowing, trimming,
edging, and debris removal. Our team
ensures your lawn stays healthy, neat,
and aesthetically pleasing throughout
the year.

Comprehensive Plant Maintenance

Understanding each plant is integral to our comprehensive care, which is why we don’t take a “get’r done” approach to your plant life. We take time to nurture your plant through its seasonal and life stages.

Fertilization and Weed Control

We provide tailored fertilization
programs to nourish your lawn and
promote healthy growth. Our weed
control treatments target unwanted
vegetation, ensuring a weed-free and
vibrant lawn.

Seasonal Clean Up

Each season comes with its own needs. We understand the proper pruning techniques for each season change which is crucial to a well maintained yard. We'll clear unwanted debris and making your outdoor space tidy and enjoyable.

Lawn Aeration, Power Raking, and Overseeding

These three services enhance soil
health and promote nutrient absorption. Combined with overseeding, this process helps rejuvenate thin or damaged areas, leading to a denser and healthier turf.


Kirk H.

“I have used them before for my shrub beds and even though I was not home during their visit, they knew exactly what needed to be done. They are always professional in their work and courteous with their customers. They have always done a fine job in making my shrub and flower beds look nice!! Thanks again!!!”

Scott B.

“The Yard+Sol team are our go-to landscaper and mowing service! Yard+Sol can't be beat on quality, service, and customer service. Thank you Yard+Sol!!”

Vicki W.

"Yard+Sol is amazing for lawn mowing and shrub trimming! When it comes to trimming shrubs, they don't come in and hack everything like many landscaping companies - instead, they are very methodical and respectful in how they treat each plant. The team is also very friendly and communicative. And they are electric, so they're extremely quiet (and often gone before you even realize they were there).”

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Current Service Areas:

Boise, Garden City, Southeast Boise (anything east of Cole)